The Rise of Airbnb in the UK

The Rise of Airbnb in the UK

Last weekend I had the chance to get away for a couple of days. I took this chance to visit my families’ glamping site in Cumbria. Unfortunately (or, should I say fortunately) I couldn’t stay on the site as it was fully booked so I stayed with my parents, but it got me thinking…

How has Airbnb changed the way we travel? How have ‘normal’ people benefited from Airbnb? What does the future of Airbnb look like?

My story

Two years ago, my dad (life-long joiner and builder) built a Shepherd’s Hut using locally sourced materials and asked me if I would advertise it. At the time, I didn’t know much about Airbnb but after a little bit of research Airbnb was the obvious choice. As a techie, it was easy to set up and cheap to advertise.

Since then we’ve had amazing success and have since put up a gorgeous Nordic Tipi which is proving to be even more popular!

Airbnb popularity

So, there are currently 223,200 active UK listings on Airbnb (10,200 of which are in the north-west, my neck of the woods) with an average annual income of £3,100.

58% of these active listings are entire homes, but a whopping 48% are private rooms!

In this world of economic uncertainty, an average ADDITIONAL annual income of £3,100 is not to be sniffed at.

The future of Airbnb

In February 2018, Airbnb Plus was launched in Edinburgh and London. These listings are visited by Airbnb in person and are checked against a 100-point checklist.

Airbnb Plus homes are nine times more likely to be seen by Airbnb guests and hosts are earning an average of up to 75% more than other listings!

When will it be rolled out to other UK cities? Watch this space…

Are you thinking of advertising your space on Airbnb? Not sure where to start? Already got an Airbnb listing but need a website? Take a look at the Airbnb services I offer or contact me for help and advice.

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