My Home Office – Get the Look

Laptop on a white desk with pink planner and desk lamp

With nearly half of us now working from home in the UK, having a calm space where you can focus and be productive is now important than ever.

Throughout lockdown, my partner and I were working from the dining table, a dressing table, the sofa and even occasionally from our bed!! It got to a point where I just couldn’t deal with it – my back was killing, I didn’t feel focused anywhere and everything just seemed chaotic.

My partner’s office finally reopened so it was just me working from home, but living in a tiny millworkers cottage, my options for a workspace were very limited. With my step-daughter only being here half of the week (and being at school whilst I’m working), I decided to replace the dressing table in the corner of her room (which only I used because she is far too young for makeup – my thoughts, not hers!) with a proper desk and chair (which I was informed just had to be pink…I wasn’t ever going to argue with that!)

As soon as IKEA opened I was there, and within 2 hours the back of the car was full with everything I needed for my workspace:

  • A desk (small but with storage)
  • Shelves
  • Storage boxes
  • A clock
  • A fake plant
  • Mirrors

I got home and promptly set it all up but it still didn’t feel right…I needed a few more bits and bobs to make it feel like my own space. So, half an hour online shopping at Next, Sainburys and Not On The High Street and I was sorted with:

  • A lamp
  • (another) fake plant
  • 2 pin boards
  • A desk protector
  • Some inspirational prints

And that was my home office complete…

But then…working on a laptop started driving my CRAZY so I started looking at getting a new one. Having only recently started out in business it seemed silly to fork out for a new laptop when I had a perfectly good, albeit HUGE in comparison to the students’ laptops next to me in Starbucks, laptop in working order.

So, as soon as Black Friday came around I jumped on the Currys PC World website and ordered myself a new screen, keyboard and mouse for an absolute bargain!

The final addition to my workspace is a back massager from Snailax that my wonderful financé bought me as a Christmas present! Now I have no excuse not to work all day!

So there you have it, my home office project is now complete! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading…

Michelle xx

Get the look:

Shelves from £5

Grey storage boxes from £6

Alarm clock £4.50

Artificial hanging plant £6, and pot £3

Mirrors £12 for 2

Artificial plant in pink pot £20

Cork board £8.99

Pink dog print memo board from £30

Desk protector £13.99

Green motiviational print £9.50 and photo frame 50p

Pink motivational print £3.23 and photo frame £1.75

Office chair £100

No longer available:

Desk – similar at IKEA

Green box file – similar at Sainsburys

Desk lamp – similar at Next

Pencil case

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