Mailerlite for Beginners

Step by Step Guide to Mailerlite

Learn to navigate Mailerlite like a pro with this easy to follow, video tutorial course.

Michelle Neary

Who is this course for?

Anyone who wants to use email marketing to grow a business.

Anyone who wants to learn to grow and nurture their mailing list.

Anyone who struggles with technology and prefers an easy to follow, step by step guide to learning new programs.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why it is so important to include email marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy


  • How to nurture your mailing list


  • Anit-spam & GDPR best 


  • How to import your mailing list from another location and how to add subscribers one at a time


  • How to organise your subscribers and why it is important


  • How to create branded templates to save time when creating email campaigns


  • How to use lead magnets to grow your subscriber list


  • Create powerful and free email automations


  • How automated emails can engage and retain your subscribers


  • How to read the reports and understand how to connect with your readers

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What people said about this course…

“Everything was broken down into easy to understand steps”

“It was exactly what I needed”

"I really enjoyed it and I am so glad I took part. You gave amazing amount of value. I have shared it with people to help get it out there for you as I think it was brilliant thank you"

"I never thought it was that easy to create email marketing campaigns!"

"The training was straight forward you explained it all really well and I got an outcome from doing it. Thank you so much!"

"Very clear and easy to understand"

"Informative and easy to understand videos."

"It was very easy to follow."


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